Borghild Dalheim (96) supports same-sex marriage in the Norwegian Church

96 years old Borghild Dalheim welcomes gays to marry in the Norwegian churches. She believes that God created the gays too.

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No one can deny God’s blessing to someone. They must get the blessing of God same as us. God has created the gays as well, if not – who has created them? Borghild Dalheim asks.

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She has known gays, had a homosexual as house friend, and she has read about gays:

– There was a man who was a Christian all his life, and was gay. He had tried different clubs, but not found any where. He wanted someone to be with, to share joys and sorrows with, money and house and home. It was not the sexual mattered most. This was a woodsman, and when the second evening sitting and enjoying themselves and talked about their girlfriends and children, he went outside and wept, says 96-year-old.

It’s not everyone that has the same opinion as Borghild Dalheim (96) in the Senior Song – a weekly event in Åsane Church in Bergen – where older congregation comes together to sing old familiar songs, Norwegian newspaper VG reports, but we at wanted to focus on the positive message that Borgild voiced to the Norwegian newspaper.

Photo by Benson Kua [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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