God’s gift to straight bottoms…

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While talk about pegging* has been in Vogue over the last several years–from the much discussed Broad City episode to that Ryan Reynolds scene in “Deadpool” to Ariana Grande’s new single–pulling up to the bumper for the first time has not been without its speed bumps.

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The promise of “mind-blowing, leg-shaking, eye-rolling, neighbour-panicking” orgasm not withstanding, even the most willing straight man will blanch when confronted with a dildo that looks like a penis. For her, manoeuvring into the tangle of straps, buckles, snaps and o-rings of a conventional strap-on is laborious, and for both, the loss of spontaneity and sexual connection is a serious buzz kill.

Enter Zoro, the brand spanking new ergonomically designed strap-on/dildo combo from unconventional sex toy manufacturer, Perfect Fit Brand. More of a step-in, than a strap-on, the innovative Zoro resembles a jock strap, except that instead of a jock, it is a continuous, solid, one-piece, body-contoured, velvety soft silicone all-in-one base and dildo. And, to the relief of straight men everywhere, it doesn’t look like a dick.

Not only does its clever design disperse the toy’s pressure, making it stable and significantly more functional, its jock-style elastic waistband makes it the most comfortable strap-on in the world. It also allows the device to go on and off in seconds. With Zoro, long gone are the days of losing sexual connection by having to fuss with adjustable straps.

Zoro’s unique design includes a built-in opening so reaching the vagina and clitoris is not an obstacle anymore. And as Zoro is gender-neutral, the opening can also accommodate a flaccid or fully erect penis for double penetration. Last, but not least, with the novice in mind, the Zoro is just the right size, not too thick, though heftier models in black and clear silicone will be introduced in July 2016.


New to sex toys and strap-on sex? Check out the recent Cosmopolitan article “A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Strap-On Sex” featuring advice from Zoro/Perfect Fit’s own Customer Service Rep, Jen Laws or perhaps the “Pegging 101” clip from last Tuesday’s “Not Safe With Nikki Glaser.”

Zoro is available at www.PerfectFitBrand.com

*According to Wikipedia: “‘Pegging’ (woman anally penetrating a man with strap-on dildo) was popularised when it became the winning entry in a contest in Dan Savage‘s “Savage Love” sex advice column, held after an observation was made that there was no common name or dictionary definition for the act in the English language.”

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