Italian dancer Gabriele Esposito keeps it hot with clothes on with Feder’s Goodbye

Gabriele Esposito
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Gabriele Esposito got the attention from the gay world when he did a steaming hot dance routine to Britney SpearsGet Naked” few weeks back.

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Gabriele Esposito (18) are coming from Torre Annunziata (province of Naples) and he has three brothers, two of which are twins.

He started to dance hip hop  for 6 years and then he was introduced to modern dance. To be part of Amici (started airing in 2001 in Italy) has always been a dream of his grandmother. The school is sure to compare with other dancers and grow both mentally and artistically.

Amici is an academy school involving a class of about 20 young students (18-25 age), who aspire to become professional singers, songwriters and dancers (classical, modern, jazz and hip-hop). Additional original categories of “actors”, “musicians” and “TV presenters” have since been dropped in the recent seasons according to Wikipedia.

Amici 15 – “Goodbye” – Gabriele Esposito – 23 April

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