Man (49) to a boy (16) : – Want to meet adult and well-equipped man ?

Norwegian TV 2 reveals that if you are young gay or bisexual boy you'll be bombarded with rough sex inquiries on Norwegian biggest LGBT community

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According to TV 2 Norway, if you are a 16 year old boy who creates a profile on, the largest online community for LGBT in Norway, you will get a lot of messages in your inbox.

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TV2 Norway has created three different users, all the men who are 16 years old. You can’t be younger to create a profile on

The profiles names that TV 2 Norway created  was Markus00, Eirik00Svendsen and 99Mats.

The profiles are only created, and it is not placed any information other than that the profile belongs to a 16 years old boy from the Oslo area. The profiles has no picture, no comments referring to that they are interested in something sexual.

The messages that came in to these profiles during the first 24 hours, shows no lack of offers of sex-meetings, where several cases it was money involved, according to TV 2 Norway.

Here are some of the messages TV 2 Norway got :

«Want to meet an adult and well-equipped man?» Asks a 49 year old man.

«Nice and quiet man seeking meeting with horny boy I can milk empty. Please contact me if you are interested,» write a 69 year old man.

«Hello. Want to get to know me? Shall soon to Oslo, perhaps we could meet? Maybe something you need, $$ Maybe?», Writing a 58 year old man. says to TV 2 Norway that the deletes many of those profiles every day, but they are dependent that the users that gets these offers reports it. are working on new version of the community that will make it more difficult for those men that wants sex meetings with young boys.

This is not unique for – it’s a problem for every community site or app that are made for gay or bisexual boys/men. Old men luring gay or bisexual boys into prostitution is sickening. It must be a chock and traumatic for a young gay or bisexual boy, that creates a profile as the first step in to the LGBT community and the first thing he meets is someone that want to take advantage of him. The whole LGBT community needs to take responsibility to stop this. 

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