You can’t escape yourself – What We Have

What We Have charts the journey of Maurice Lesmers, a gay actor and teacher, who finds himself lost in translation in Northern Ontario.

What We Have

Fleeing from his troubled past in France, Maurice s romantic sense of Canada leads him to seek refuge in a remote community where he discovers little outlet for his Parisian appetite for one-night stands.

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But things get complicated after he takes a job tutoring French to 15-year old Allan, a shy student struggling at school, and with his sexuality.

When he lands the leading role, Maurice finds himself surprisingly romantically to the theatre company s charismatic manager, Michael.

But their relationship is endangered when Maurice gets caught up in Allan s adolescent world- risking everything to protect his young student who develops a hard-to-resist attraction for his enigmatic European mentor.

What We Have Winner of Best Film – Montreal LGBT Film Festival

What We Have info

Actors: Alex Ozerov, Maxime Desmons, Roberta Maxwell, Jean-MIchel Le Gal
Directors: Maxime Desmons
Language: French, English
Subtitles: English
Classification (UK): 15
Studio: TLA Releasing
DVD Release Date (UK/Ireland/Scandinavia/Europe) : 11 April 2016
Run Time: 89 minutes

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