Eurovision Sergey Lazarev have taken a stand that is not popular by Russians

For the popular Russian singer, Sergey Lazarev, has expressed himself in a way that has fallen many Russians heavily on their chest: he does not support the annexation of Crimea.

Sergey Lazarev
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Maybe my Russian countrymen would throw tomatoes at me, but when I go to Yalta, then there is Ukraine for me, he told Ukrainian television two years ago, according to Norwegian newspaper VG today.

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Sergey Lazarev also said that he would not participate in propaganda concerts where artists shouts from the stage that the Crimea belongs to Russia.

And as we reported May 9th he was one of Stockholm Pride‘s performers at their rainbow coloured Eurovision party Wednesday.

Ukraine won the Eurovision yesterday in front of Russia. Some Russians hasn’t taken the loss very well and some has expressed that Eurovision juries was instructed politically. Can you see that European leaders having meetings about who gonna win Eurovision ? And they decides that one of the continents most corrupted and poorest country should win the Eurovision… Very likely… Not!

But one thing we can agree on is the song was politically charged, and not only with a reference to 1944, but what did Russian really expect – that Ukraine didn’t dare to have this kind of song in Eurovision ? then we will call them blue eyed.

Photo By Okras (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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