Homorazzi TV hosts pretty much trashing gay artists

The episode where they are talking about the movie Superman vs Batman and the conversation goes over to gay musicians and there two of the hosts show their true judgmental and trashing colours.

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The conversation in Homorazzi TV show goes over to openly gay artists Eli Lieb & Steve Grand and their Look Away single.

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Tommy D says : I hate Steve Grand, I hate Steve Grand almost so much as I hate Sam Smith (another openly gay artist)

Adam Rollins says : This is so boring….

Adam Rollins says : What ever has Steve Grand done to you ?

Steve Grand is very annoying. Steve Grand is so… he needs to check him self like.. long time ago Steve Grand came out as gay country artist and everyone falling over him because he has a great body and decent face and a mediocre voice at beeest and he goes on and on about Steve Grand body… (sounds like Steve Grand has rejected him or something or is it just jealousy and envy…)

And then Tommy D and Adam Rollins agrees that they don’t need to like them because they are gay artist…

And there are Tommy D and Adam Rollins sitting in a TV studio and hosting a tv show, only because they are gay – they probably wouldn’t have if they were straight …. Talk about throwing stones in a glasshouse…

One thing is not liking the music, another thing is trashing openly gay artists, it’s just distasteful – these two tv hosts are not better than right wing republicans. Our advice to them is, if you haven’t anything nice to say about an out gay artist – don’t trash them – keep your judgmental and trashing opinions to  your self.

Homorazzi airs on OUTtv in Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden.

Photo : OUTtv

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