Meet Australia’s first openly gay Imam, Nur Warsame

What is it like to be young, gay and Muslim? One brave man shares his story as Australia's first openly gay Imam, Nur Warsame.

Nur Warsame
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Nur Warsame is a prominent and well-respected man in Australia‘s Islamic community. He was married and has a young daughter.

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For decades he has lived for his religion, all the while holding on to a deadly secret, a secret he reveals intimately for the first time, a secret that could cost him his life: Nur is now Australia’s first openly gay Imam.

“Reconciling spirituality with sexuality is a very difficult journey,” he says.

“There’s the name of the family you have to protect, the name of the community you come from…

“The reason it’s difficult for people to come out in the Muslim world or Islamic communities is because the losses are too high, the risks are too great, I mean there is even a risk to your life because the conservative school of thought in Islam to counter homosexuality is to be killed, that’s your repentance…


Photo by SBS Australia

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