Could anti-LGBT law legislation and legislators have created the Orlando killer ?

Many thinks it's only ISIS that can radicalise a human, but ask your self can anti-LGBT law legislation and legislators also radicalise too ?

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Yes they could, their actions creates growth of homophobia and hate crimes.

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Anti-LGBT law makers makes it legitimate to be homophobic and doing hate crime. These anti-LGBT law creators often paints the LGBT community as the worst enemy in their view for their kind of society

Supporters of North Carolina‘s HB 2 paints transgender peoples as kind of predators that wants to get access, to do some kind of abuse, in toilets that is meant for gender that they are not born as. For people that can’t see through the propaganda of lies can go to the extremes like doing a hate crime.

Even anti-LGBT law creators can radicalise people, it’s not only ISIS that can do that, with their policy making. If you’ve read through some of the tweets after Orlando massacre broke in the news, you can clearly see it’s lot of homophobic slurs and homophobia that was tweeted of a lot of people.

So it’s not only Omar Mateen the Orlando killer that has lot of LGBT blood on his hands, but absolutely these anti-LGBT law creators has blood on their hands too.

So anti-LGBT law legislators should take a step back and think about the picture they are painting to the public and take a close look on them self : do you want to promote hate, hate crimes, homophobia and ask your self do you want this blood on your hands ? do you want to radicalise other humans ?

Photo By אנדר-ויק (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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