Italian ANDDOS : “Victims in Orlando on the conscience of many politicians “

The massacre in Orlando for the Italian Association ANDDOS against discrimination, there are unequivocal responsibility of the political class ." These victims are on the minds of many politicians who do nothing but stir up feelings of hatred against LGBTI people."

President Mario Marco Canale of ANDDOS
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There is now great concern in Italy for the climate of discrimination that reigns of homophobia continue to die . But this terrible denouement is are just the tip of the iceberg of a phenomenon of hatred , violence and marginalisation : sexual orientation is still one of the main causes of suffering for many people who have to avoid being excluded , ridiculed , denigrated , humiliated , beaten . And , unfortunately, he killed in many parts of the world . Not only in Florida.

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“Right in Rome on Saturday celebrating the joy of life with a colourful pride, cheerful, peaceful with men, women, trans, young and old, traditional families and not with girls and boys – said the national president Mario Marco Canale of ANDDOS – instead 02.00 in the United States, in a gay club in Orlando, an American of Afghan origin has decided to deprive the lives of over 50 people just because they did not share their sexual orientation. We wonder: it was only the hatred of a deranged towards the LGBTI community, or a Muslim terrorist, following the trail Islamist, since its origins, he wanted to cleanse the world by gay or both? I am convinced that the responsibility for these deaths on their conscience feel the need first of all those people, especially those who sit in parliament and those who speak on behalf of God, who foment hatred every day of our community , claiming that we are a threat to society, for traditional families, who are sick, hardened sinners, who pollute their healthy social fabric and white as linen lying in the sun. I cry and I grip me all those people who have lost their lives just because other than what someone else wanted them to be. I weep for all those parents who can no longer see her children, for their comrades and their friends. But, with the same tears, continuing with determination to fight against all those people who, thinking they were better than us, they want to see us frightened and resigned in silence.

Our indignation , however , does much noise . In the name of freedom , respect and recognition of the value of people beyond race, creed , political belief or sexual orientation. The immediate condemns this massacre and the full support to all the victims of discrimination on the part of President Barack Obama is a strong and important signal to the whole world ‘s eyes ” .

“Any form of discrimination is a crime against human dignity – said the lawyer Antonio Bubici – the inadequacy of a certain political class is endangering the safety of LGBT people , when they should be implemented operational strategies in order to recognise the dignity and respect to all expressions of sexuality in a dimension of peaceful social inclusion” .

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