Mr Gay Europe : Why Scandinavia?

Mr Gay Europe is changing and they have chosen Scandinavia as the perfect setting for their exciting search for Europe’s new LGBTI ambassador.

Mr Gay Europe 2016

Whoever they crown as Mr Gay Europe, in August will have to face a new world where looking the part is only a fraction of the skills required to capture the minds of our European community. He will have to be a spokesperson for the LGBTI community, this is not just about looking the part, their winner will need to have the intelligence, drive and creativity to inspire a continent. The LGBTI community still faces many challenges and their new competition will find someone who can lead.

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“Why Scandinavia?” Well to put it simply, one of the most important reasons why The Mr Gay Europe Team chose Scandinavia is because of Stockholm Pride. Co-founder and owner Tore Aasheim explains, “Stockholm Pride has been able to make Gay Pride a celebration not only for the gay community but for the whole of The Swedish community which is a philosophy we at Mr Gay Europe share and believe in.” He goes on further to say, “What’s most important for us, as a team, is to create an event that brings delegates from all over Europe together in an open and free environment where they can connect, exchange experiences and learn from each other.” Mr Aasheim continues, “The currently refreshed Mr Gay Europe competition will take us in a new direction which frees us from the need to produce the Mr Gay Europe Finale in countries where a delegate is present, and we are still looking for a delegate from Norway and Sweden. Could that be you?”

This year in 2016, The Mr Gay Europe Team will allow any individual from a country (which does not produce a national competition in that country) to register online and possibly be chosen by the Mr Gay Europe Team to take part in the event, and represent their country on the international LGBTI Stage.

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