Need to see documentary ” Gone ” airs on OUTtv Sweden

The documentary " Gone " is about Kathryn Gilleran worst nightmare when her son Aeryn M. J. Gillern went missing and was last seen on October 29th, 2007 in Vienna, Austria. Aeryn is still missing.

Aeryn M. J. Gillern
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The Swedish LGBT tv channel OUTtv Sverige are airing the documentary ” Gone ” on Saturday June 11th at 16.30 CET.

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You can read our interview with Kathryn Gilleran from April 2015 here and the latest in the search is that Cobra divers searched after Aeryn M. J. Gillern remains in the Danube Canal.

Aeryn M. J. Gillern is still missing.

Kathryn and Aeryn’s brother Rahman have since 2007 been looking for the truth – what happened to Aeryn October 29th, 2007 in Vienna, Austria – as you can imagine they have lot of questions that they want to have an answer to. So if you know something and then bare in mind – even little piece of information can become the big rock that point the investigation in the right direction – if you think your information is significant let the Sonderkommission (Cold Case Squad for the Austrian Police Department) decide if it is or not – your piece of information might be the piece that they are missing from a big puzzle of information.  So if you have any information you think might help the Sonderkommission with their investigation – please contact Federal Office of Criminal Investigation in Austria (Bundeskriminalamts) or contact Kathryn Gilleran on and she can forward your contact details to the Sonderkommission.

Photo copyright owned by Kathryn Gilleran

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