Controversial Sami festival poster of two men kissing “disappeared”

The poster showing two men kissing wearing traditional Sami jackets, have been removed in several places in Finnmark, Norway.

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The posters are taken down at several places in Finnmark, writes Sami newspaper Ságat, Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet reports.

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The poster has disappeared in Kautokeino, Tana and in Swedish Soppero. In Karasjok the posters has been left alone, and in South Troms and Ofoten the poster is still hanging , NRK Finnmark.

The festival Márkomeannu, with the provoking poster, is a music and culture festival with a Sami profile.

Festival Producer Susanne Amalie Long Beach-Andersen, told Dagbladet that they created the poster to show that love is as much worth in the Sami community.

Dávvet Bruun-Solbakk from Tana is the project coordinator for this year Sápmi Pride festival held on 25 to 28 August. He says that it is not always easy to be queer and Sami. One reason he thinks can be Norwegianisation policy and that just being Sami is a challenge for many.

More information about Márkomeannu can be found here ( Festival are held during July 28-31 2016).

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