Pride Colours on his rallycross car – sponsor dropped him

Viktor Johansson from Sweden chose to support his gay friends by putting rainbow colours on his rallycross car and then one of his sponsors dropped him.

V Johansson Motorsport
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Then one of his sponsors chose to terminate the sponsor agreement with Viktor Johansson (like his Facebook page).

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The sponsor asked if I needed to have these damn colours on the car, said Viktor Sportbladet. He even received bad attitude and negative comments on the different events he competed on.

Before the Swedish Cup for RallyCross ( SM ) race in Piteå last winter, he chose to support his LGBT friends by painting pride colours on his rallycross car.

– I wanted to support them in a simple way and show them that I think they’re tough. Many thought it was cool that I had pride colours on my car, said Viktor Sportbladet.

Will the pride colours still be on the car in the future ?

Yes of course. I really hope that I can inspire one person to stand up for himself then it is worth all the money I’ve lost in sponsor money, and all the work that I have put down, says Viktor.

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We are hailing Viktor Johansson for his support of his LGBT friends and the LGBT community. Every sport needs someone like Viktor! We are cheering on him !!

Photo by V Johansson Motorsport

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