Finnish-Swedish LGBTQ rights campaigner murdered in Stockholm

One of Gothenburg's most well-known LGBTQ rights campaigner, Kaj Heino, died Tuesday night after being found seriously injured in an apartment in Stockholm.


Update September 10th 2016: Please updated news : No Crime Behind Swedish-Finnish LGBTQ-Rights Campaigner Kaj Heino’s Death

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Police have arrested a man on suspicion of murder, said Göteborgsposten according to the Swedish LGBT news site

Kaj Heino has long been a known LGBTQ rights campaigner in both Finland and Sweden. He was chairman of local chapter of Finland’s LGBTQ organisation Seta in Vaasa and also served as vice chair in national Seta. In Gothenburg, Sweden, he has partly been chairperson of RFSL and the SLM Göteborg where he was member of until his death.

Kaj Heino was born in 1971 in Kimitoön in the Turku archipelago. He was 44 years.


R.I.P Kaj Heino, our thoughts and prayers goes out to family, friends and everyone that is affected by his suddenly passing.

Photo By אנדר-ויק (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons