SKAM : How could eating kebab on a park bench in Oslo be so touching ?

Earlier this week I told you about the new hit youth series that everyone is talking about and after season break for 10 days SKAM was back last Friday.


(This is spoilers from last Friday’s episode (6) of SKAM).

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This is moment when Isak when he is telling his best friend about Even for the first time. Jonas don’t know at that point, that Isak likes boys.

Isak and Jonas is sitting on a park bench somewhere i Oslo and eating kebab.

Isak starts the conversation, Jonas you know that I’ve been kind of out of it lately ? and Jonas confirms that he have noticed the change of behaviour.

Then Isak explains that the change of his behaviour is because he likes someone and wants Jonas to guess. Is it Emma ask Jonas ? No says Isak. Vilde then ? No way.

Then Isak says : It’s not a girl!

Jonas continues eating his kebab and says : is it me ? No says Isak. I’m that unattractive says Jonas – no you are not says Isak. Is it the guy from the Glee group ? Yes, it’s Even says Isak. And Jonas confirms that Even is a handsome guy.

This scene becomes very touching, since the conversation between Isak and Jonas is in the same way when they talk about other things. Yes, the character Isak was nervous before starting the conversation with Jonas, but when he started to open up – he saw his friend responded in a way that made conversation natural then all worries went away.

If everyone had a friend like Jonas it wouldn’t be a problem coming out.

You can read more about SKAM here.

SKAM is available all around the world on – no geo locking like U.S TV stations do (but still no English subtitles).

Photo by NRK