Tromsø Arctic Pride – The Northernmost Pride in the World

For the third year in a row, the northernmost Gay Pride in the world takes place in Tromsø in Northern Norway. Last year’s pride was a major success with some 2,000 participants. The festival kicks off Saturday 5th and lasts till Sunday 13th of November.

Tromsø Arctic Pride

This year’s program features concerts, parties, lectures, queer film festival, debates, quiz, art exhibitions, courses, workshops and a huge parade thru the streets of Tromsø, a city with some 75,000 inhabitants. Last year’s parade drew 350 people. This year the organiser hopes to quadruple the number, festival director Stein Sebastian Fredriksen explains.

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– We set out to celebrate the plentitude of peoples and love during the festival, Fredriksen says.

– Our main focus this year is on youths and young adults and the program caters specially to this group. In addition, there is an array of other happenings going on thru the nine days the festivals lasts.

The Tromsø Arctic Pride is certainly different from other prides. It takes place in November, in the dark period of the year. From mid November to the end of January the sun doesn’t rise in Tromsø due to the fact that the city is located well above the Arctic Circle. However, this pride is probably the only one in the world that is lit up by the magic Northern LightsAurora Boreal.

– We wish people from all over the world welcome to a truly magic experience during the Tromsø Arctic Pride, festival director Fredriksen says.

Photo by Tromsø Arctic Pride