SKAM – The LGBTQ Series of The Year

The NRK originals - SKAM has been noticed all around the world - from Norway to rest of Scandinavia to Australia and USA to mentions some.


SKAM has a growing fan base outside Norway rapidly and it must be theme of series that has hit home to many even when the series are in Norwegian and not subtitled official by NRK in English.

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Season 3 of SKAM, we have followed Isak and Even love story this autumn from the start, admitting being attracted to the same-sex and coming out. Season 3 ended in Norway last week.

SKAM are created in a way it’s important to be true to the reality – in this season many in the LGBTQ community including my self – even the series was created for youth in their mid-teens – all ages has been watching this incredible series and can easily identify with the characters Isak and Even.

Even if you are not in your mid-teens you are taken back to that feeling – when you are trying your best to hide that your are gay or the first kiss of your same-sex as you, just to mention a few things.

The story line of the same-sex love is told in a way that makes it normal as it should be told, that makes SKAM unique – you have never seen a story line looking true to reality as can be like this.

I wish, I had SKAM when I was in my mid-teens – it would have helped a lot like SKAM help’s LGBTQ youths today.

And we all raises our glass and cheers on all in NRK that has made this beautiful series with this unique storytelling technic that has taken the world with a storm. All of you deserves the attention and we at crown SKAM as The LGBTQ Series of The Year 2016.

In the end we would like to say : Thank you!

(All of us want to see more of Isak and Even – just a hint… )

Photo by NRK