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Sometimes it's good to kick back and watch some classics after hard week work and here are some great suggestions.

Eating Out
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Eating Out

2004 // USA

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After getting dumped by his girlfriend, Caleb (Scott Lunsford) falls in love with Gwen. However, thanks to a fib from Caleb’s roommate Kyle (‘American Idol’s’ Jim Verraros), Gwen thinks he’s gay and sets him up with her roommate, Marc, whom Kyle happens to have a crush on. An outrageous comedy, ‘Eating Out’ was so beloved that it launched an on-going film franchise. This is the first movie of the series.

Director – Q. Allan Brocka

Starring – Scott Lunsford, Jim Verraros, Emily Stiles, Ryan Carnes

I’ll Love You Forever… Tonight

1993 – USA

Set in the late 1980s, this critically acclaimed indie classic from 1992 portrays a gritty side of gay life in Los Angeles. Ethan (Paul Marius), a 27-year-old photographer, believes he has no need for love or commitments, and is living his life amidst one-night stands. Ethan is coaxed by his “best buddy” Dennis (Jason Adams) into attending a reunion of college friends and lovers at a Palm Springs hideaway. What is supposed to be a restful vacation turns into a round of hard drinking and cruel sexual games. By the end of the “vacation,” Ethan feels a need for new friends and returns to Los Angeles. Confronting his troubled family life, he calls his father – who doesn’t want anything to do with him. In the end, Ethan realises that he can make his own “family” with friends who will accept each other without judgments.

Director – Edgar Michael Bravo

Starring – Paul Marius, Jason Adams, Thomas Jane, David Poynter

We Were One Man

1981 // France

Guy lives a simple life during World War II in a small farmhouse outside a sleepy village in France. When he stumbles across Rolf, an injured German soldier, Guy nurses him back to health. A passion stirs between the two young men. Their lives intertwine, each happy to be sheltered until the war asserts itself back into their lives. (subtitled)

Director – Philippe Vallois

Starring – Piotr Stanislas, Serge Avedikian

Fogi Is A Bastard

1998 // France, Switzerland

Fifteen-year-old Beni falls in love with Fögi, a singer in a rock band. As Fögi seduces him, Beni is willing to follow him where ever he takes him. But Fögi is a drug addict and pulls Beni deeper and deeper into his addiction. (subtitled)

Director – Marcel Gisler

Starring – Frédéric Andrau, Vincent Branchet, Urs Peter Halter, Jean-Pierre Von Dach

Saturday Night At The Baths

1974 // USA

Virtually unseen since the mid-1970s, ‘Saturday Night at the Baths’ is an entertaining, sexy and provocative look at the gay life style during the post Stonewall, pre-AIDS period. Set in New York City with much of it filmed on location in the famous Continental Baths, this film is a classic time capsule of an era long gone by.

Director – David Buckley

Starring – Don Scotti, Ellen Sheppard, Robert Aberdeen, Jane Olivor

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