G&T- the Italian gay web series returns with the third season

After two years, there will be two brand new episodes, entirely produced by the fans.

G&T Season 3
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After two years since the airing of the second season, they have produced two new episodes of 30 minutes each, which were made possible solely and exclusively thanks to the financial support of by G&T fans.

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The two new episodes will be available on the series Vimeo On Demand channel , at the cost of 1.99 € per episode, starting from the 17th of January 2017. The idea is to continue their project, using the new distribution channels. Up to now, they’ve chosen to go free and use YouTube in order to obtain a larger group of viewers, and now this symbolical fee will allow them to continue producing new episodes already in 2017.

As for the synopsis of the two new episodes that continue to tell the stories of the characters, a year after the events of the second season where the characters are growing up alongside with the actors who play them, and have to tackle everyday life’s problems.

At the same time, they will have to deal with the same sensitive issues that they have already been confronted with in the previous seasons: bullying, self-acceptance, homophobia without leaving out the laws about the civil unions that the government very recently has passed in Italy.

The Meaning Behind The Title

G&T stands for Giulio and Tommaso, the two main characters. They are two childhood
friends who suddenly begin to understand that there’s something deeper in their relationship that could be more than just friendship. But the title plays also with the English word behind it, “to get” that has many different meanings, to understand, to become, to conquer…

To Export A Product Made In Italy

With the years, the series managed to conquer an international and multilingual audience:
many fans volunteered to help to give the series subtitles for more than 10 languages, giving the series the possibility to travel around the world. In 2014, G&T was nominated the Best LGBT series of the year 2014 by MySoCalledGayLife, a group of English, Irish, Australian and American magazines and Matteo Rocchi and Valeria Tardivo were awarded Best Actor at the Los Angeles WebFest.

G&T has more than 91 million views on YouTube, with more than 102.000 subscribers on its channel. The soundtrack of the series offers several famous pieces and unreleased songs, played by some emerging Italian singers together with some dance pieces of the 90s, played with a acoustic twist.

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