Record Industry Forces NRK To Region Block SKAM

Of course the record industry need to force their dark ages of thinking on NRK and SKAM - just because series has got international attention.

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Friday, NRK published a sad message to the ever-growing fans of “SKAM” outside the boarders of Norway, the TV series will no longer be available via NRK’s iPlayer and P3 own “SKAM” page.

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The demands came from record label organisation IFPI and record companies, else NRK need to pay a lot of money to these gready record labels. Of course NRK is not able to do that.

It’s typical record label organisation like IFPI and record companies thinking – they don’t see this as a way that the music that has been in SKAM – is a way to get artists into other markets outside Norway – they just think money – and they want it now.

Hasn’t it been for that SKAM (awarded the title LGBTQ Series of 2016 by in December 2016) has been unblocked – it would not have got the reach it has now.

The solution solve this major fail by the record industry is using VPN or Proxy – the guys in the record industry don’t understand there’s a way to by pass their dark ages of thinking.

Below you see some of the songs that got the record industry to take SKAM as hostage in their dark ages of thinking.

Susanne Sundfør // Kamikaze

Gabrielle // 5 fine frøkner

Aurora // Conqueror

Astrid S // 2AM (Matoma remix)

Robyn // Dancing On My Own

(This is the Swedish artist Robyn – but this video are blocked in Sweden by the record label).

Lykke Li // Tonights

Smerz // Because

Sandra Lyng // LiQR

Lemaitre // Closer ft. Jennie A.

Sonny Alven // Our Youth ft. Emmi

Elsa & Emilie // Run

Robyn // Call Your Girlfriend

(This is the Swedish artist Robyn – but this video are blocked in Sweden by the record label).

Susanne Sundfør // Darlings

Maria Mena // Home for Christmas

Axwell // Barricade

Photo by NRK

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