Awakening By Thomas Sekelius – Hit In The Making

Earlier this week Thomas Sekelius was crowned the LGBTQ-Youtuber of the year in Sweden at the QX Gaygala and today he is releasing his debut single "Awakening".

Thomas Sekelius
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Thomas Sekelius has become one of Sweden‘s most popular influencers with over 270.000 subscribers on YouTube and 240.000 followers on Instagram. With a strong personality and openness, he pushes the borders on YouTube and has reached improbable impact with his ground-breaking behaviour filled with humour, warmth and creativity.

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Now, for the first time Thomas takes the step out into the spotlight as a music artist with his debut single ‘Awakening’, released today February 10th. “This song both symbolises my own development and story of coming out of my shell to finally be myself 110%, as well as the entire LGBT movement’s achievements, that it has become more and more accepted to be yourself and be different and that the future looks bright” says Thomas to

The single is written by the songwriters behind Tungevaag & Raaban’s hit single ‘Russian Roulette’ (which has over 42 million streams on Spotify) and Lars Norgren, who’s worked with some of Sweden’s most successful artists such as Tove Lo and Sabina Ddumba, mastered the song. The result of the production is a solid pop song, both catchy and emotional, wrapped in a big electronic soundscape, a meaningful and important message in the lyrics – combined with Thomas beautiful voice.

Thomas has during his early years undergone a tough time marked by a bad mental health and a fear of not fitting in. Self-harm, eating disorders and extreme anxiety was a part of his everyday life. How Thomas turned his darkness into light and found his passion for YouTube is a hair-raising story that he gladly shares with us all – to help and prevent others from falling into similar pitfalls. Though his “flawless” message, he has given Beyoncé a new face and he is constantly working to break perceptions of what is masculine/feminine.

Awakening’ are a hit in the making and I love Thomas different shades in his voice and the song fits him very well and I’ve already pre-ordered it on iTunes. I’m looking forward to see Thomas grow as a artist – he has a promising future as pop-star as well. Thomas please conquer the world and the world will be so much better for it!

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