Dekkoo will never stand you up on Valentine’s Day

On Tuesday, it's Valentine's Day - and Dekkoo are the perfect date for good time romance and I've put together a Dekkoo Valentine's Guide.

Love is Blind
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First, I’ll recommend a Dekkoo exclusive dating show that has premier on Valentine’s Day.

Love is Blind

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Cute, sexy, and LOL-funny, with a sweet soupçon of snark, “Love is Blind” follows fourteen single New York City men on seven (one per episode) off-the-wall, unpredictable, and blind-as-a-bat first dates. Voyeuristic viewers tag along for the day-long courtship as these courageous men turn each other on—and sometimes [snap!] turn on each other.


Philadelphia comedy meets the gay agenda in Dates, a series of vignettes directed by stand-up comic Alejandro Morales.

Be Mine

Mayson has been waiting for the perfect kiss. Fate steps in when Robyn invites Mayson to a Valentine’s Day party thrown by their friend Eric, where they run into Riley, Mayson’s new crush. Will Mayson and his eclectic group of quirky friends find out if Cupid’s arrow is truly aimed at them?

The Golden Pin

A young Vietnamese-Canadian swimmer finds himself struggling between the expectations of his family and the demands of his heart. His father wants him to marry soon, but his mother, haunted by a past romance, hopes her son will stand up for what he believes.

You can stream all these and much more at right now (Love is Blind can be streamed from February 14th 2017) for $9.99/month or $95.99/year. Free for the first 14 days. Cancel anytime.

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