Olly Alexander About Brexit, His Sex Life And A ‘Daddy’ Crush On Jeremy Corbyn

In a setting where Evan Davis has a noticeably more candid and relaxed interview style than usual - a recording of a special edition podcast interview with Olly Alexander.

Evan Davis - Olly Alexander
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The conversation was personal and very honest with Olly opening up about his past relationships, his ‘daddy’ crush with Jeremy Corbyn and his sex life.

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Recorded live at National Student Pride 2017 at the University of Westminster on 25th of February – BBC Newsnight host Evan Davis takes over from usual hosts Charlie and Jamie to interview Olly Alexander.

They spoke on stage after the Sex and Relationships Education panel with Olly, Paris Lees (Trans Activist), Stella Creasy MP, Deborah Gold (National Aids Trust CEO) and Diversity Role Model representative Gemma Curtis discussed the awful state of Sex and Relationships education in the UK. The panel was done in association with Attitude Magazine, and chaired by their Editor, Cliff Joannou.

On Olly’s Sex Life

Olly: “People tend to think that it’s probably easy to have a lot of sex. I don’t actually think it’s true because usually you’re on a bus with 12 other men which sounds great but in actuality – They’re not men who you wanna be sleeping with and you’re just driving through the night and you don’t actually meet many new people”

Olly: “The only reason I used to go out was so that I could hook up. That’s why I wanted to go out, so that I could meet guys. And then when the band took off. I was like ‘I’m not quite sure how to still do this’ because it felt a little different to being just anonymous. So I’m still trying to work that out to be honest.”

On Olly’s Relationships – Including His Open Relationships

Evan: “I think this whole thing about relationships and what is right for people is a great thing to have a conversation about.”

Olly: “I’ve had different kinds of relationships. My last relationship, I had an open relationship which is the first time I’ve ever experienced that really. I think that brought up different challenges and you have to be extremely honest with your partner and you really have to go into a lot of conversations that you might not want to necessarily talk about because I think traditionally we’re not kind of, used to talking about sex and how you might want to have sex with other people or how other people make you feel – You know, that’s a difficult conversation to have with a partner.”

Evan: “I must say, I valued my singledom when I was your age and then I definitely definitely wanted to fall in love and I wanted someone to fall in love with me, and then in the end you do. I have to say, I’m very happy I’m very happy in that.”

Evan: “After about 30 years, finding something to do on a Friday night because hard work and just knowing that you’ve got someone who you’re gonna spend your Friday night with – It just becomes such a relief.”

Evan: “The issue of open versus monogamous, that is a really interesting issue.”

Olly: “We’re all taught one relationship model, and it’s kind of bonkers that your partner has to be your best friend, your protector, your lover, your confidant, they have to sexually fulfill you – Has to be so many different thing and that’s a lot for one person to deal with.”

Evan: “However grown up you think you’re going to be, however strong you are – At some point you think, are they going to fall in love with somebody else.”

On Olly’s Feelings About Jeremy Corbyn

Evan: “You did say that at one point, Olly, that you had a crush on Jeremy Corbyn. Is that a little Daddy thing going on there?”

Olly: “I don’t know Evan. You tell me.”

Olly: “I feel really disappointed in the whole Labour party actually, not just Corbyn. I’m a Labour supporter. I think Corbyn is a great, principled man but I have felt very frustrated and disappointed actually.”

On Wider Politics Including Brexit

Olly: “What’s so frustrating is that we’ve been presented with this binary choice of Leave or Remain, and it’s like – The implications of it are so huge and literally no one knows.

Evan: “I think we need to talk to the younger generation much more than we do really.”

Evan: “It’s not left versus right anymore. It’s global versus more, nationalistic.”

Olly: “We still grow up in a society where we’re told that we’re ‘othered’ as LGBT people”

Olly: “We have a problem with representation really. It’s always just cis gay white men that are flying the flag for LGBT people.”

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