Sparks fly when a ‘Bromance’ turns in to something more

When four friends go on a camping trip in a remote part of Argentina, sexual tensions quickly bubble to the surface.

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Once in virtual seclusion by the beach, Juli (the only girl) quickly recognises that that the boys seem to have a closer relationship than what she would consider normal.

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The line between friendship and love fade further for two of the boys in particular as their desire becomes too much to bear. When what started as a simple getaway quickly becomes tinged with sex, romance, and conflict, everyone is forced to confront who they really are for the very first time.

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Bromance // details

Actors: Javier De Pietro, Agustin Pardella, Luana Pascual
Directors: Lucas Santa Ana
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Classification: To be announced
Studio: TLA Releasing
DVD Release Date: 27 Feb. 2017
Run Time: 93 minutes

Bromance // trailer

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