Swedish QX Gaygala airs on TV4 Sweden on Saturday

TV4 Sweden airs from QX Gaygala at Cirkus in Stockholm that was taped earlier this week.

QX Gaygala 2017

Here has QX magazine readers voted who should be honoured with titles like gay / bi, hetero of the year, Television Show of the year, TV star of the year and Artist of the Year.

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QX Gaygalan mixes seriousness with humour and song and dance.

SKAM got the title Television Show of the year (foreign) at the QX Gaygala (MySoCalledGayLife.co.uk did it in December 2016).

Swedish LGBTQ-YouTuber of the year went to Thomas Sekelius that we will hear more about on Friday without revealing anything….

Program : QX Gaygala
Channel : TV4 Sweden
Air Time (local time) : 21:30
Date : February 11, 2017