‘A Little Lust’ goes a long way!

16 year old Rocco's two aims in life are to get laid and to see his favourite pop star in concert with his best friends, sassy and tomboyish Maria and nerdy and quiet Mauri.

A Little Lust

When a bullying incident at school forces Rocco to come out to his divorced middle-class parents their liberal leanings are severely tested.

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Luckily his two friends stand by him and join him in running away from home (in his parents stolen car) to see their favourite singer in concert, followed hot on their heels by his neurotic mother and eccentric gran to hilarious effect.

A vibrant , funny coming out tale, A Little Lust is both immersive and totally life-affirming.

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A Little Lust // details

Actors: Andrea Amato, Francesco De Miranda, Riccardo Alemanni, Filippo Din, Corrado Invernizzi
Directors: Veronica Pivetti
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Classification: To be announced
Studio: TLA
DVD Release Date: 13 Mar. 2017
Run Time: 104 minutes

A Little Lust // trailer