The Saint at Large® presents Rites XXXVIII: The Black Party® “Dark Matter”

The Saint At Large®, gay nightlife’s preeminent party producer, announces this year’s Black Party theme: “Dark Matter.”

Dark Matter

“Dark Matter” as described by The Black Party®’s creative director, acclaimed conceptual artist, Rob Roth (Rhianna, David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Click + Drag):

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“On April 1, the Resistance will launch a stealth mission to transport refugees fleeing Earth’s hostile new world order to a fantastic alternate universe where bizarrely-uniformed men have forged their own, queer, libertine, Eden.

Obscured from prying eyes by clouds of mysterious dark matter, a new space colony will be built on a multitude of planets in a galaxy claimed as our own. Robotic space probes will explore the depths of space in order to expand the Resistance further with new life forms willing to join the cause.

Though not for everyone–the ship has limited capacity and the journey is not for the weak of heart (or imagination)–those who commit to the trip will be rewarded by the sights, sounds, and alien pleasures of a new, deliciously dark, Dionysian paradise.”

A 17-hour event, The Black Party® is structured in five acts corresponding to five sets of increasingly intense dance music by world class DJs, drawing attendees into a magnetically immersive environment–a vortex of rhythm and light ignited throughout the night by the party’s renowned Strange Live Acts and Rob Roth’s warped hallucinogenic visuals.

And listen to an 2 hour edit from a live set from last year’s Black Party by DJ Ron Like Hell:

In 2015, after a 24-year residency at Roseland Ballroom, The Black Party®made its spectacular Brooklyn debut in an architecturally transformed industrial space. This year’s “Dark Matter” theme exploits the party’s newest evolutionary phase into a raw back-to-basics, yet wildly creative, warehouse experience.

Held this year on April 1st, The Black Party®’s annual Rites of Spring celebration has firmly established itself as gay New York’s biggest night of the year. Each year, The Black Party® reliably delivers an utterly unique, fiercely legendary and highly anticipated one-night only, no-holds barred bacchanalia. Jetting in from over three continents, the loyal tribe numbers over 4000, all eager to shed their winter skins and reveal their darkest fetish fantasies. •

NOTE: No press, cameras, phones or media will be admitted to The Black Party®. Attendees are asked to respect each other’s privacy and freedom of expression. Phones and cameras must be checked at the door. This is mandatory. Security will confiscate the mobile device of any patron violating the no cellphone policy. Busted patrons can claim their phones at the end of the event after deleting all images from their phone, cloud, etc. Those who disrespect this rule will be blacklisted from all future Saint At Large events.

Black Party Advance Tickets are available online now. For tickets, volunteer information and further details: or (212) 674-8541.