Thomas Sekelius – Awakening

Swedish star - Youtuber and artist Thomas Sekelius released his debut single 'Awakening' on February 10th. It became a smash hit with over 400.000 streams in a couple of days. Now he is releasing the music video for the song.

Thomas Sekelius

The music video was released yesterday (Wednesday Mars 29th) and of course I wanted to share it with you guys.

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Thomas Sekelius stepped out into the spotlight as a music artist with his debut single ‘Awakening’, which was released on February 10th.

“This song both symbolises my own development and story of coming out of my shell to finally be myself 110%, as well as the entire LGBTQ movement’s achievements, that it has become more and more accepted to be yourself and be different and that the future looks bright” says Thomas.

The debut single was with no doubt a big winner, 400.000 streams on Spotify in just a few days. Now he releases the following music video to the debut single. A beautiful video that clearly shows the important and beautiful message of the song!

Thomas Sekelius – Awakening