Norway : Notes about demonstration against gay rights placed in mailboxes

Police have received many messages about the note that have appeared in several mailboxes in Volda, Norway, during Easter.


The note reads: “They are among us” as a headline and it continues “Tuesday, April 18th at 11:45 (CET) outside Volda City Hall will be the demonstration against gays and their rights undeserved has been awarded by idiots who manages the Norwegian State. Bring torches, banners and the family. These critters have no place in our religion or our society! ”
The message has been printed out on flyers and put in mailboxes in several places in Volda.

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– We have received several messages from people who have responded, said operations manager John Brattland at Sunnmøre police district.

Many shared a photo of the flyer on Facebook, and have expressed anger over the message, NRK reports.

Mayor of Volda, Jørgen Amdam (Labor), says that it has not been applied for any permit for demonstration at the time standing on the leaflets. He stands strongly opposed to the message that has been spread around.

– This is completely idiotic. We will have a police council meeting the same day and where we are going discuss this. If there is a demonstration, we set up a counter-demonstrations, says Amdam.

We at call this homophobia hiding behind religion as argument, when they/the person(s) behind it lacks of a good argument – they are cowards – they//the person(s) behind the message don’t dare to sign their uneducated message.

Photo By אנדר-ויק (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons