SKAM : Allah and russebuss meeting at Sana’s

Labour Weekend has started and as usually on Friday - it's time for new episode of SKAM.


(If you haven’t seen this weeks SKAM, this article has lot of spoilers).

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Pepsi Max gang wants to join forces with Sana and her friends, since Sana and her girls got to buy the Russebuss. Sana is hard to negotiate, so the Pepsi Max gang are putting up the money for the bus and Sana becomes boss of the bus.

Even comes up to Sana asking about Isak and her had talked about Mikael (from last weeks episode – Sana looking at a picture of Yousef on Facebook – one of the pictures Mikael) Then Isak‘s interrupts and Even says he had ask Sana where he was… he didn’t… so what is that all about ?

Sana gives in for group pressure and allows the all the russ girls to drink alcohol at her home and her parents comes much earlier home than she expected – she was warned by here very hot brother Elias – and as they think they are safe – her father discovers one bottle with vodka and Yousef saves the the situation and says he has bought it for a friend.

This weeks cliffhanger is that Yousef tells Sana that he is not a Muslim and don’t believe in Allah….

The cliffhanger leaves lot of questions for me as a viewer and for Sana… what will happen now ? between Sana and Yousef.

Photo by NRK