SKAM : Jealousy and All in for the Russ bus

Last Friday we got see that Noora touched Sana's jealousy nerve.


Sorry about the late update, but here we go…

tries pray/meditate, but are constantly disturbed by message sound from the phone and then someone in the living room starts to play I feel it coming (The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk) and runs in to the living room – there she finds – Yousef dancing – she gets to enjoy moment for while before he discovers her watching him.

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Noora says to Sana that Yousef seems to be a nice guy – then Sana’s jealousy gene kicks in and tries to convince Noora that Yousef is childish and not that good guy.

We get a great kissing scene between Isak and Even

The 5 girls are looking at a bus for their Russ celebration next year and Pepsi Max gang are also interested and that kicks in Sana’s urge to win and get to buy the Russ Bus – the start price are 300K NOK and Pepsi Max gang offered 310K NOK then Sana says that they can pay 320K NOK…. problem is that Sana and her girls don’t have the money – but that doesn’t this years russ girls (that are selling the bus) and Pepsi Max gang know….

On Friday there is a new episode .. of SKAM…

Photo by NRK