Sweden: Over 52 000 Euros Collected Towards Chechen refugees In Few Hours

Swedish LGBTQ site QX wrote during Tuesday about homosexuals being buried alive in Chechnya and a cooperation with the Regnbågsfonden (Rainbow Fund) started to raise money to support those fleeing from Chechnya.


The response has been tremendous. At nine o’clock on Tuesday night had already half a million crowns collected.

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There was an immediate response to Regnbågsfonden call to support the work of the LGBTQ Center in Moscow now engaged to assist the Chechen LGBTQ people fleeing the increasingly fierce repression.

Regnbågsfonden‘s Jonas Gardell had hoped to bring in 10 000 Euros to the emergency charity collection that started at four o’clock on Tuesday. At nine o’clock the same day over 52 000 Euros has already been collected and it still coming in money.