’s Relentlessly Sexy “Volatile” Will Put a Tickle in Your Pickle

By now you know that streaming media platform is home to the deepest and most eclectic catalog of independent gay films on the internet, from shockers (John Waters twisted 2016 pick "Like Cattle Towards Glow") to shorts ("G O'Clock") to documentaries ("Jobriath A.D.") and original series ("Feral").

Sexual Tension: Volatile
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If you’ve yet to check out, try starting with the relentlessly sexy “Sexual Tension: Volatile” in which Argentine filmmaker Marco Berger presents six titillating tales crackling with homoerotic is-he-isn’t-he/will-he-won’t-he electricity.

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Sure to put a tickle in your pickle, “Volatile,” from 2012, is paralysingly magnetic in its relatability. What gay man has not been in–or fantasised about being in–any one of these vignettes?

“Ari” daydreams about his sexy tattooist. A cute geek is distracted by “The Cousin”. Two straight buddies literally show each other how to make love to a woman in “The Other One”. A man with “Broken Arms” receives a silent, sensual sponge bath from a male nurse. A broken shower brings a married man and a hairy innkeeper together in “Love”, and in “Workout” two jock bros, sexting pictures to some hot chicks, begin to shed their clothes and inhibitions.

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