SKAM : Imagine

Episode 5 in season 4 gives us a amazing version of John Lennon's Imagine.

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Sorry about the late update.

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Last Friday, we could see that Sana’s mother interrogating Sana about Yousef – why she was standing outside with Yousef.

Sana starts to get suspicious towards Pepsi Max gang, since Nora and Sana wasn’t added to the bus Facebook group and wasn’t invited to last Friday’s party – that was the big topic on Monday. Sana asks Nora, but Nora do not think it’s something suspicious.

Sana is having a good talk with her brother Elias about Yousef – and thinks she shouldn’t think about that Yousef is not believing in Allah – better think about the actions person do.

Sana, invite Elias and his friends especially Yousef.

In the start of the party, everything seems to be ok on the surface – Even starts singing John Lennon‘s legendary song Imagine and Isak joins in while Elias and his friends arrives – everyone joins in singing.

And suddenly Elias are in a fist fight with Isak. Isak is bleeding and Sana and others stops the fight.

Sana are in the bathroom and some of the Pepsi Max gang, comes in and they are not aware that Sana is there too. The Pepsi Max gangs plan is that Sana will be kicked out of from the Russ bus – since she is a Muslim and being on a Russ bus must be a big sin for good Muslim. Sana did never have a chance with the Pepsi Max gang – and she was never part of their plans. They even concluded that the reason for Elias and Isak was fighting – was Elias views of homosexuals since he is a Muslim. (Elias views hasn’t been revealed on that topic).

Pepsi Max gang leaves the bathroom and Sana leaves right after seeing Yousef french kissing Nora…

Friday there is a new episode of SKAM.

Photo by NRK

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