Frederik Leopold – The Payback Song

Inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Gavin Degraw 20 year old Frederik Leopold throws himself into the music business with his debut single “The Payback Song”!

Frederik Leopold

This is the first song of many pop tunes delivered with a great sense for song writing and laid out with Frederik Leopold’s special soul and feel and without to much fancy production.

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Frederik was the first to join in whenever there were shows or theatre at his school, but it wasn’t until he stole his sister’s guitar when he was 11, that he found his true calling. Ever since he has been playing in the street or for his friends and at get-togethers.

Living in Sweden for a couple of years he got to know the heart of Swedish pop music and brought some of that back with him when the family moved back to Denmark‘s capital Copenhagen.

His second love is football. Frederik has played at a high level and landed a contract with the youth team at F.C. Copenhagen.

Now Frederik is all about the music and proudly presents The Payback Song.

Listen to Fredrik’s beautiful tune, The Payback Song, below – I’m already looking forward to hear from Frederik Leopold in the future.  

Frederik Leopold // The Payback Song