“I’m Fine” With Four New Episodes Released Today On Dekkoo

Today (Wednesday June 21), gay streaming service Dekkoo will release the final four episodes of their eight-episode original dramedy, "I'm Fine". This is the last four episodes of Season 1, Season 2 is already in pre-production and will debut in January, 2018.

I'm Fine - Dekkoo

Set in West Hollywood, “I’m Fine” tells the story of Nate, who just broke up with his boyfriend – But Is Totally Fine! – and in doing so takes a fresh, honest, and humorous look at gay male relationships and friendship, and the often-blurry line between the two.

Nate (Perry Powell) in "I'm Fine" (Dekkoo.com)
Nate (Perry Powell) in “I’m Fine” (Dekkoo.com)
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Los Angeles LGBT newspaper The Pride called the series “stunningly on-point” and national website Pride.com praised the show as “the perfect counterweight to programs like ‘Fire Island’ and ‘What Happens at the Abbey.’

Dekkoo calls “I’m Fine” their first take-it-with-you “pocket series.” Season 1 consists of eight short episodes, each around 5-10 minutes in length. Los Angeles based director Brandon Kirby crafted each in an effort to challenge long-format series and embrace the short attention spans of contemporary streaming television viewers.

 Brandon Kirby
Brandon Kirby

“My motivation to make “I’m Fine” was the end of HBO’s ‘Looking,’ and how there is no series dedicated solely to how we as gay men experience friendships and relationships,” says Kirby.

“Beyond what ‘Looking’ was able to achieve, I want to talk about gay male friendship in the way Noah Baumbach’s “Frances Ha” and the “Broad City” series have explored the fluidity found within female friendship.”

“I’m Fine” the third Dekkoo original series, following the critically acclaimed (really) dramatic series “Feral“, about gay life and love in the Bible Belt and “Love Is Blind“, which follows fourteen single New York City men on seven real blind dates (one per episode).

Dekkoo is available via iTunes, Google Play, AppleTV and Roku and the Amazon Dekkoo Channel (U.S) and are available in the Asia, Australia, Canada, EU, UK and the U.S. Dekkoo original series include “Feral,” “Love is Blind” and “I’m Fine.” www.dekkoo.com