Out At The GazeNet : Top 10

Sweden's own LGBTQ streaming service GazeNet has shared their top 10 streamed movies with us and we'll regularly update you with new content to the GazeNet service.

Out At The GazeNet

1. Kings of Porn

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Rosa von Praunheim is an icon of the worldwide LGBT scene: a pioneer, a gay activist, a provocateur – and a unique storyteller.

2. I Can’t Think Straight

A romantic love story between two women – based on Shamim Sarif’s book with the same name.

3. My Name Is Love

Love and Sebastian meet by coincidence in the street in the Swedish summer night. They happen to share the same secret, but their encounter will have severe consequences for the both of them.

4. Burning Blue

Two Navy fighter pilots find themselves in the midst of a forbidden relationship throwing their lives and careers into disarray.

5. Liz in September

Every year, Liz, a hardcore party girl and womaniser, celebrates her birthday with her friends at a Caribbean beach retreat. This year is different. She is sick, but hates pity, so she hides her terminal illness.

6. Rent Boys

Berlin stories behind sex for money. Despised, stigmatised and suppressed to the fringe of society – this is the reality young, male prostitutes face in Berlin.

7. Paris 05:59 – Theo & Hugo

Theo and Hugo meet each other in a sex club in Paris. After building a special connection while having sex, they meet outside the club where they realise they had unprotected sex.

8. Boys

A sexually awakening gay teen athlete finds himself in a budding relationship with his mutually attracted relay race teammate.

9. Monster Pies

Mike has felt alienated and alone for as long as he can remember, until a new boy arrives at his school – awakening feelings and a world of possibilities he’d never before dared to dream of.

10. Sexual Tension – Volatile

Have you ever met someone who made your body heat up, get a little nervous and sweaty, and made your crotch stir a bit? Sexual Tension: Volatile will reignite those lustful feelings as it weaves six scintillating experiences of men in various stages of nudity and many forms of erotic male bonding.

Until next month update, Swede’s can enjoy this and more at GazeNet.se – and there are plans to expand to rest of Scandinavia.