Yes, I’m transgender says Norwegian Emma (15)

In Norway Emma Ellingsen (15) are known from the TV2 Norway series called "Født i feil kropp" that translate to "Born in the wrong body" and now she has published her first English Youtube video in English.

Emma Ellingsen
FacebookPinterestLinkedInVKTwitter has written about transgender Emma Ellingsen (15) couple of times and the last time was in February when Norwegian TV 2 was launching their second season of “Født i feil kropp“.

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We wrote at the that time : In season 2, we are meeting Emma again, now 15 years old and we can see that she is a normal girl like any other girl at that age. It’s so good to see that Emma has very good confidence and that is the result of supporting parents.

In Emma’s new YouTube video, she is answering some questions from her followers about being transgender and how when discovered she was transgender in English (for the first time).

I’m Transgender

What is sad to see is a girl calling her self Sarah G, are harassing Emma – you can see below.

Sarah G
Sarah G are harassing 15 year old Emma

Dear Sarah G, since you have lot of uneducated views and are stereotyping transgender people, how they should come out, how they should act ect… I’ll give you some basic lesson how to google people… before you posts claims about a person you apparently don’t know anything about – you just post things you don’t have fact’s to back it up with. In America it’s called slander (look it up and educate your self)!

You take Emma Ellingsen‘s name and Google it, you’ll find lot’s of hits – most likely in Norwegian – not very strange since Emma are Norwegian (it’s isn’t her fault that you can’t read Norwegian) and you’ll soon see that Emma came out a transgender in 2014 on Norwegian national television – even wrote about her at the time.

So Sarah G, yes Emma are 100% transgender and will always be (no matter what you spew out on social media) and as we wrote in our article about Emma in April this yearEmma is true role-model for other transgender kids in Norway and all around the world (and still are).