Fashion Model Amina Yusurova Calls For Kyrgyz To ‘Blow Up’ LGBTQ Community, Prostitutes

A Kyrgyz fashion-world celebrity has drawn criticism after apparently calling for the mass execution of "nontraditional" sexual minorities and prostitutes in the Central Asian republic.

Amina Yusurova
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In a Facebook post on August 10, Amina Yusurova, a fashion model and national director of the Kyrgyzstan World Beauty Congress, wrote: “Round up all the people of nontraditional orientation (she is here referring to LGBTQ people) and blow them all up on one island.”

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She added that “women of low social responsibility” (she is here referring to prostitutes) should be included “on that island.”

Who wants to hire this bitch ? companies that has any form of cooperation with Amina Yusurova should consider to drop her fast as possible – a person that thinks it’s ok to ‘blow up’ people because they don’t like other people’s sexual orientation or what other people’s occupation are – no one should associated them self with that kind of person with such a hatred view on other people.

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