The Little Mermaid goes gay for the Shirtless Violinist

Matthew Olshefski, better known as Shirtless Violinist, and Paul Castle has just made a super gay romantic version of Part of Your World and you don't want to miss that.

Shirtless Violinist
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We all know the story of Ariel, The Little Mermaid. But have you heard of Areola, The Little Merman?? Just like his seashell-clad sister, he dreams of having legs and exploring the shore up above…

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Instead of singing his woes, Areola plays “Part of Your World” on his violin while spying on a handsome Prince. In that moment, the hapless Merman imagines how life would be if he was able to step out of the ocean and into the arms of the Prince…

Will his dream come true? Watch and see what’s happens below….

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