Canal Digital rides on LGBTQ wave, but has no LGBTQ content

Nordic Canal Digital has just released a new commercial 'Canal Digital feirer kjærlighet" / "Canal Digital celebrates love" to take advantage of the LGBTQ community.

Canal Digital
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To Camilla Herland, Nordic Brand & Positioning Manager for Canal Digital Satellite, says “We wish to convey our love to the good content and breadth of our entertainment universe. The film plays on various content strings and different forms of love to support the breadth of our offer”.

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Canal Digital are equivalent to Sky here in the UK.

You can see the commercial from Canal Digital and operates in all Nordic countries.

I contacted Camilla Herland by email and asked what kind of LGBTQ content Canal Digital has to offer their LGBTQ customers ? She didn’t bother to answer me.

With the help with Norwegian friends, I got some “inside information” about the Nordic streaming service and below you can see what we found.

We used common Norwegian terms for LGBTQ – homo, homofil (gay/lesbian), HBT (LGBTQ), Lesbisk (lesbian), transkjønnet (transgender) to see what they had to offer of LGBTQ content.

Search word : homo – Cure me, I’m Gay (Hjelp Meg, Jeg er Homofil – catchup for TV channel FEM).
Search word : homofil – result nothing
Search word : HBT – result nothing
Search word : lesbisk – result nothing
Search word :transkjønnet – result nothing

We also found the Danish Girl (part of CMore Premium).

Now, I understand why Canal Digital didn’t want to answer any of my questions. They will on the surface look very LGBTQ friendly, but when you start to dig into it – you’ll find nothing. It was as suspected since their competitor ViaPlay that celebrated Copenhagen Pride with Transparent, Glee, Moonlight, Transamerica, Carol, Milk and The Danish Girl – all mainstream LGBTQ content that is very easy to get access to. Canal Digital and ViaPlay do not have it’s own LGBTQ category – like Netflix has (even Netflix in the Nordic has very little LGBTQ content compared to Netflix USA). Canal Digital, ViaPlay and Netflix has extremely very long way to go to satisfy their LGBTQ costumers.

I think it’s disgrace that Canal Digital cynically uses the LGBTQ community to sell their service and they don’t even have any LGBTQ content to offer to the LGBTQ customers. They don’t even offer OutTV Sweden to their Swedish LGBTQ customers.

if you live in the any of Scandinavian countries and are craving for LGBTQ content, then we recommend

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