Eli Lieb – Kissing Your Tattoos

Eli Lieb are back again with a new single and this time it's about one night stands...

Eli Lieb
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If Eli Lieb could promise he will kiss my tattoos, I’ll get on right away and I’m would be into for the long hold.

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I can recognise that feeling that Eli are communicating through these lyrics, where one party are thinking this might be something more than one night, but the other party is just looking for a one night stand. It isn’t you, it’s me kind of scenario, I’m sure everyone have been there and sadly it’s lot of this in gay community.

Please take a listen to Eli Lieb’s new single below either YouTube or Spotify.

Eli Lieb – Kissing Your Tattoos

Eli Lieb – Kissing Your Tattoos (Spotify)

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