Gotta Move On to Henrik Høven

Henrik Høven are 17 old guy from Oslo, Norway that has released a new song named 'Gotta Move On'.

Henrik Høven - Photo by Håkon Jørgensen
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Henrik Høven (17) came in second in the Norwegian finale of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest when he was 14 and since then he has developed as songwriter, vocalist and dancer.

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Henrik released his first single “Ungettable Girl” in the autumn 2015, shortly after signing his first label and publishing deal with the successful Oslo based indie daWorks.

I first notice Henrik, in then end of last year and his Burn Me Up was added to our Spotify Playlist (2016-12-30)

He has now released a new single “Gotta Move On” and it’s his fifth release.

The new single is a Scandinavia songwriter collaboration between Henrik, feature artist Andreyun and producer JNS from Norway, Rabih Jaber from Sweden and songwriter duo Jay & Rudy from Denmark.

The single was written at the Song Farm 2017, one of the best known songwriter camps in the Scandinavian region. Henrik is currently working on his debut album with R&B/urban contemporary.

Henrik has yet again proven that he can release a great tune and he has landed his second song on our need to have playlist. This is an artist you need to invite to your world, I’m sure that you’ll love Henrik’s world of music. Henrik has clearly an amazing future in front him.

Henrik Høven’s Gotta Move On has been added to our official Spotify Playlist – follow it so you are not missing out on great tunes.

Photo by Håkon Jørgensen

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