Neo-Nazi group trying to sway Australia’s same-sex marriage postal vote

An Australian white power group, whose members pledge allegiance to Hitler during secret radicalisation camps, is posting propaganda around Melbourne designed to sway the national same-sex marriage postal vote.

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The activities of Antipodean Resistance have so far been limited to Nazi-inspired vandalism, but terror experts are warning of the potential for violence.

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There are now calls for the group, which has been actively recruiting members, to be banned as a terrorist organisation.

Antipodean Resistance has come to the attention of authorities through its attempts to influence the debate around the upcoming same-sex marriage postal vote, with posters linking gay marriage to paedophile.

How does it feel for the all Churches in Australia and rest of the world being on the same side as Neo-Nazis ? Neo-Nazis uses the same arguments as Christians and Catholics uses what’s the difference ? is there a difference or is it accepted if Christian or a Catholic says the same…. both are unacceptable whom ever has this attitudes.

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