Paul Rey – What Good is Love

Talented Swedish pop star Paul Rey (25) has released a catchy tune that you'll never stop loving.

Paul Rey

In 2015 Paul Rey signed with Epic Records in USA, the same year he released his debut EP “Good As Hell“. He even got in touch with Quincy Jones which is at this point his mentor.

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As the release of his 2015 mini-album ‘Good As Hell’ approached, Rey discovered that he had another famous fan – and one whose productions he’d been devoted to since he was a child. “I was in Los Angeles when [‘Thriller’ producer] Quincy Jones called and asked me to swing by his house. We spent two or three hours playing some music and listening to some of the amazing stories that he has to share so it was an unbelievable experience. And we’ve been catching up almost every time that I’ve been back.”

During 2015 he was the opening act to the American group Fifth Harmony and he even toured with Norwegian group Nico & Vinz.

Paul Rey’s entire background is full of little twists that have helped him get where he is today. If in 1973 his mother hadn’t fled from Chile’s dictatorship to start a new life in Paris, and then joined an exchange program which required her to study in Lund, Sweden, then she wouldn’t have met Rey’s father- who himself was in the city on another exchange program from Finland. And if they hadn’t met… well, you get the picture.

Paul Rey grew up on a musical diet of classic albums stretching from the mid-Sixties to the early Eighties – Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, The Beatles, Bob Marley and Elton John – but it was the Swedish MC Timbuktu who set the youngster on the road to music. Rey’s impression of seeing the nation’s hip-hop/reggae legend was that “He made 30,000 people move and dance and it was so captivating. When I saw that performance I knew I had to be the one to spread that energy and good vibe like he was doing that night.”

By the time Rey had added D’Angelo and Tupac Shakur to his list of heroes, he was already making music – albeit a world apart from what we hear from him now. And sure enough the influence of Timbuktu persisted when the veteran acted as Rey’s mentor.

Now are Paul Rey (25) released a new single, What Good is Love, catchy tune that you will fall in love with right away. Take a listen to Paul’s tune below.

Paul Rey // What Good is Love

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Photo by Dennis Bärlund