Alexandru hits the world of music with Sellotape

Alexandru was previously a member of the boyband Suite 16, but he is now ready to start a career as a solo artist.


Since he was twelve years old the young man from the little village Berkåk (south of Trondheim) in Norway, has interpreted hit songs on Youtube, and several of his videos have garnered over 100 000 views.

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Alexandru, now 17 years old, is a huge musical talent. In addition to singing, he also plays the guitar and drums. Despite his young age, he has gained a lot of experience in the music business. Alexandru participated in Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix (Norwegian viewers decide who they are gonna send to Eurovision) competition in 2016 with Suite 16, where they landed a solid third place. He has also performed on a huge television show in China with millions of viewers. After a series of concerts in Norway, he has certainly experienced the life as a teenage heartthrob.

Even though Alexandru was previously a part of a pop boyband, that is not exclusively where his musical heart lies. His Spotify playlists are also packed with punk and death metal. Come night he would rather put on some of the albums from the band Bring Me The Horizon. Even though he has learned the technique of growling, it doesn’t mean that he will write and perform death metal. The forthcoming music from Alexandru will be inspired by his more tougher side, but will also have a touch of the current 2017 pop music.

Sellotape are a catchy pop tune that you will play on repeat. You’ll enjoy Alexandru musical expression and his voice will be like your personal balm for your ears. I smell a hit on Alexandru’s first solo single !

Alexandru’s Sellotape has been added to our official Spotify Playlist – follow it so you are not missing out on great tunes.

Photo by Ole Martin Halvorsen