Nick Dent : RolePlay with World Holidays

The first 100 Calendars sold will be at a 25% discount. So hurry and get your hands on this HOT Calendar on Sale. Just in time for the holidays and 2018.

Nick Dent

This is the first of many years of calendars to come, says Nick Dent and continues: I’ve always wanted to be in everyone’s homes, just hanging out on your walls watching you…..and now I can. Wink, wink. Also, you get a piece of me each month. Win, win, he concludes.

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It’s Nick assistant that did the layout, set design, photoshoot ideas, photography, schedules and location ideas. Also, with the help of ever so talented Brent Maynard! He did the photo editing and colouring and background work. Without his talent and skills, this calendar wouldn’t look as sexy and put together concludes Nick.

The “RolePlay” Calendar features many characters that he has played before and some fun and sexy new ones. It even features a Character he created for himself when he was four years old, called Big Boy Helper Jughead (July). As a kid, he created this superhero who’d go around helping his Mom cleaning the house in his underwear, wearing a cape and milk jug on his head. This time, as an adult he’s armed with his cape, Dyson and jug on his head with matching thong and ready to suck and blow.

Is Big Boy Helper Jughead coming to clean my house for Christmas ?