Author reveals struggle against Southeast Asian government after calling official ‘an elected dictator’ on Facebook

Elton Justice is “just an ordinary guy” from Scotland, who moved his life from London to a Southeast Asian territory for work and a new life.

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There, he had a happy life and a successful career. All of that changed when commenting about a Southeast Asian official on his Facebook wall, Justice wrote: “He is an elected dictator.”

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From that day, his life descended and spiraled “into a living hell” that destroyed everything he held dear. In “

Charlie”, Justice chronicles his journey fighting against the authorities for three years. Justice shares that his dog, Charlie, was poisoned by authorities. The book also details how Justice’s boyfriend was originally paid by the government to harm the author; the two ultimately fell in love.

A brave, true and audacious story of a British gay man’s struggle against the punishing authorities of a Southeast Asian Government

Throughout his three-year struggle, Justice also uncovered a “sinister and evil governing machine that was raping, abusing, psychologically torturing, and even murdering, on the whole, innocent people.”

Justice wrote the book to “bring international attention to these heinous crimes against humanity and personal liberty” in the territory, and also as a cautionary tale of what can happen when voicing one’s uncensored opinion online.

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