LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 – Voting Booths Are Open

The long wait is over - the LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 has open it's voting boots and do you duty pick your winner and vote.

LGBTQ Music Vote 2017
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The voting booth has opened and you can cast your vote on your winner. Remember you’ll will only be able to vote once. To be able to vote, your browser needs to accept cookies.

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Only the most dedicated fans of the nominee can make their winner to win – so remember to share the vote with fellow fans of your winner.

The vote will end 30th of December 2017 at 10:59 PM (UK Time) and winner will be announced the evening of 31th of December 2017.

LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 // Nominees

LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 // Voting Booth

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